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Your vehicle is a big investment, and costs money to maintain. With auto repairs and fluctuating gas prices, it’s important to know how to save money where you can! At Phil’s Toy Store, in addition to providing top quality auto repair and maintenance services, we want to help you save money! Check out some of our money saving tips below to learn how you can get the most out of your buck.

  • Maintaining proper tire pressure can really save you money at the pump. When your tires are low they create more drag, which decreases your gas mileage. Checking them every 3 months or before going on a big trip not only improves your mileage, but also traction for greater safety.
  • Go online before going out. There are a number of web sites that track the cheapest gas prices, locally and nationwide, such as www.gasbuddy.com and they can really help save pennies when filling up.
  • There is an old saying that if something is cheap, it's cheap for a reason. For example, discount fuels will not get the fuel mileage that quality fuels will and they don't have the additives that help clean the internal parts of your engine, such as valves and injectors. Today's vehicles have knock sensors mounted on the engine. These sensors hear knocks and pings before you hear them. The engine computer under acceleration will either advance or retard the ignition timing. If the computer gets a signal from a knock sensor that it hears a pinging or knocking in the engine from poor fuel quality, the engine computer will retard the ignition timing. This in turns makes your vehicle sluggish and causes you to get poor fuel mileage. What you want to happen is for the computer to advance the timing. This gives you better performance and better mileage.
  • To achieve this in 4-cylinder vehicles you can use 87-octane regular gas, and then every 4th tank you fill up, use a tank of 89-octane middle grade gas. On V-6 engine models, fill up using 89-octane middle grade gas, and then every 4th tank fill up using 92-octane (premium fuel) or better. All V-8 engine models must run 92-octane (premium fuel) or better.

You'll hear me say this a lot - "Dollar Per Mile" - because for over 40 years, I've been working on Toyota and Lexus products and this is how I judge what is right for your vehicle service and repairs.